Below are some exercises, for the marimba along with a really cool etude “Motivo de Son” for you to work on your basic coordination between the left hand bass Tumbao and right hand Montuno. Also, there is an exercise for the Tumbadoras, to help you develop independence while playing hand plays a 6/8 ostinato on cowbell the other hand  playing on the Tumbadoras. Be creative with these exercises. Have fun.

Motivo De Son Etude


Independent Exersices

The marimba exercises are taken from a collection of my daily practice routine. I transcribed them from some of the Afro-Cuban Bata parts. I highly recommend that you try these exercises without the marimba first, and instead practice them sitting on the floor while watching your favorite TV show. All of these exercises will feel awkward and challenging at first but with consistent practice, they will help you develop your strength, sense of rhythm, coordination, and independence with each mallet.

 Marimba Exersices

 Latin Percussion Basic Vocabulary

Clave Warmups

Marimba for and Angel

Montunos for Marimba Left Hand Tumbao and Clave

Montunos for Marimba Right Hand and Clave