Private Percussion Lessons

Baltimore | Catonsville | Howard County and surrounding areas.

Orlando offers Marimba, Classical Percussion, and Latin Percussion lessons to children and adults at his home studio. The minimum age for children is 7 years old.

Group Lesson Fees

Group Lessons consists of Duo lessons for one hour $140.00, Trio $210.00.

For more information please e-mail Orlando at, or click on the contact below.

“Music is not just playing what is written on the page. The notes need to become alive through the performer’s interpretation.

But before the students can apply their individual style to the music, I first ask them to have strong techniques. When the have achieved that then I help the students to explore the meaning behind the music and to play with imagination. These principles hold true for both my younger, less advanced students and for college-level students that I teach”.


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Individual instruction from one of the best percussionist in the industry.