Private Percussion Lesson With Orlando Cotto Sykesville, MD Home Studio E-mail: mail@https://www.orlandocotto.com Cell: 240-483-9710 Welcome to the Orlando’s Percussion Studio! Lesson Objectives, fee and policy

Course Description:

This class involves simple rhythms using sticks on the snare drum. After basic rhythms and coordination is achieved then students will start simple drum set patterns. The purpose of the class is to develop foundational rhythm, expand the utility of the rudiments to the whole drum set within the context of rock; swing, funk, and Latin groove, and improve sticks technique.

Class Objectives:

1. Basic music theory

  1. Read simple and intermediate patterns, hold simple 4/4 rhythms in time, perform most of the standard rudiments
  2. Hold rhythms in multiple time signatures
  3. Execute multiple genres, navigate simple song structures
  4. Proficient in multiple genres in a performance setting, and an advanced fill technique.

Required books and Materials:

  1. A pair of drum sticks ProMark -2BW Wood Tip or any other brand
  2. A practice Pad & Hand Outs
  3. Alfred’s Kid’s Drumset Course (Beginning) by Dave Black & Steve Houghton CD version. Do not buy the DVD version.
  4. A Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum by Mark Wessels
  5. A Fresh Approach to Mallet Percussion by Mark Wessels

Hints about practice:

Daily practice of lesson materials is essential for your child’s musical growth. Each day’s practice should be at least one session lasting 20 to 30 minutes to provide a sense of variation, schedule sessions at different times of the day (early morning, afternoon, or evenings) throughout the week. Review lesson materials at each practice session.